49ers vs. Eagles Predictions: Expert NFC Championship Game Picks

Only one game stands between the 49ers and their second Super Bowl appearance in four seasons.

But San Francisco faces a fearsome opponent in the top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles, who are hoping to end their 49ers’ 12-game winning streak in Sunday’s NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field.

So, who are the NFL experts picking to win this one? Match epic proportions? We rounded up their options, and here’s what they have to say:

Albert Brier, NFL Chief Correspondent: 49ers

Mitch Goldich, editor: the Eagles

Gary Gramling, Senior Editor: the Eagles

Conor Orr, Senior Writer: 49ers

John Blum, Managing Editor: 49ers

These responses are from four assistant coaches and two front-office executives, all of whom have not been named.

“I think Philly can do something similar defensively to Dallas with pressure,” said an executive. Dallas wasn’t able to capitalize offensively [against the Niners]. Philly’s offense could put more pressure on them [to force the 49ers to play more aggressively on offense to keep pace]. Need an account [Eagles quarterback Jalen] Pain in the running game will slow them down over the edge. The Niners play this high security look, but that won’t matter to Philly because they don’t go as vertically as much, and they’ll only attack the middle of the field.”

“Ultimately, Brooke Purdy will suffer,” said one of the coaches. “If the Eagles can stop the run, they have a great chance of winning a close game at home.”

“The Niners will come close, but in the end the Eagles are the better team overall,” said another executive. “Philly’s defense will make life harder for Purdy than his previous opponents.”

“Producing Eagles points will be too much for San Fran,” said a second coach. “The defensive line would push Purdy’s pockets and make the inside passing game difficult. It wouldn’t be a blast, but I could see the latter part of the last quarter being uncompetitive. I don’t see the weather or the crowd being snooty for San Fran. Philly is the best team in the NFC.”

“San Fran’s defense is good, but the Philly system will prevail at home,” said a third coach.

Picks: Eagles 6, 49ers 0

The 49ers’ streak of 27 consecutive games not allowing a rusher to exceed 70 yards on the ground (including playoffs) will end due to soreness. The Niners have struggled against mobile quarterbacks in past seasons but haven’t seen much of this. That’s why They finished fifth in the NFL in yards allowed per rush to a quarterback (3.4).Hurts presents an even greater challenge, ranking fourth among quarterbacks in rushing yards (760) and first in rushing touchdowns (13).82 yards and a score In Week 2 last season against San Francisco, and with the Niners slowing down the deep ball passing game, he could put in a similar performance on the floor.” —Nick Wagner

Eric Moody picks: Eagles 27, 49ers 24
Seth Walder picks: Eagles 24, 49ers 16
FPI Predictor: PHI, 65.3% (average 4.5 points)

Briscoe House: the Eagles

Jason Lacampora: the Eagles

Will Brinson: the Eagles

Jared Dubin: 49ers

Ryan Wilson: 49ers

John Brake: 49ers

Dave Richard: the Eagles

Jamie Eisenberg: the Eagles

Garrett Bell: the Eagles

Chris Bombaka: 49ers

Nate Davis: 49ers

Brigadier General Al-Safeed: the Eagles

Tyler Dragon: the Eagles

Lorenzo Reyes: 49ers

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“For the entire season, the Eagles have been the better team. But in the last couple of months, since Brock Purdy became the starting quarterback for the 49ers, the 49ers have been better. The season Jalen Hurts and the Eagles have had, and playing in Philadelphia is an advantage, but I think The 49ers are playing better football than the Eagles right now, and I take offense.” – Michael David Smith

MDS selection: 49ers 24, Eagles 21

“The league is still quarterback-driven. And Galen Hurts is a more accomplished quarterback than Brock Purdy. Yeah, Purdy hasn’t lost a game yet. Nor has he ever faced a team like the Eagles, in a place like Philadelphia. Maybe he’ll deliver the win-win clutch game. Maybe the Players will be.” The 49ers are good enough that he doesn’t have to. Regardless, Hurts is a proven quarterback, and I have more confidence in him to make a big spot play, and/or inspire his teammates at the right time to do something that will It makes a difference. It would be a very small difference.” — Mike Florio

Florio’s Choice: Eagles 24, 49ers 23

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