DirecTV adds another right-wing channel after dumping Newsmax

middle Shouts from the Republicans That DirecTV is Censorship of conservative media by “de-platformingNewsmax, the satellite provider, announced Thursday that it has added another fledgling right-wing network to its slate: The First, which Hosts include Shame Fox News star Bill O’Reilly.

To add insult to injury to Newsmax, The First will be staying on the same DirecTV channel that Newsmax just booted from this week.

According to DirecTV, their multiyear agreement with The First — which launched in late 2019 as a digital network available on OTT platforms — won’t include any “surcharges” and will allow the conservative outlet to “remain a free channel” available to DirecTV customers. The First will continue to maintain free streaming on its website and other services. (This appears to be similar to the deal Newsmax rejected this month.)

Among the programs shown on The First are Dana showhosted by former NRA flack and firebrand Dana Loach; No Spin Newsthe podcast he hosts O’Reilly After Fox News was ousted; Primetime show, entitled The Liz Wheeler Showhosted by the former OAN anchor Liz Wheeler; and a program run by a right-wing radio host Jesse Kelly.

“DIRECTV values ​​different viewpoints and perspectives and will always work to maintain a broad selection among a broad range of entertainment and information services to appeal to the unique tastes and interests of our diverse customer base,” said Rob Thune, DirecTV Chief Content Officer. “As we have done successfully with other emerging channels, we look forward to helping The First continue to expand its audience reach, while ensuring that our customers continue to receive strong value.”

In the pay-TV broadcaster’s press release announcing the deal, the company noted, “The launch of DIRECTV marks another step forward in DIRECTV’s ongoing strategy to integrate leading streaming content alongside its traditional linear channels.” They also added that they launched Fox Nation’s live streaming subscription video-on-demand service last year, and continue to offer free 60-day trials to new and existing customers.

Christopher Balfe, CEO of The First, applauded DirecTV for giving the network its first cable station. (The network initially launched in October 2019 on Pluto TV, an OTT platform offered by Paramount.)

“DIRECTV clearly understands the importance of offering a broad range of viewpoints and perspectives to its customers across the United States, and we’re thrilled that The First is now among them as we reach for conservatives who aren’t beholden to any one party’s talking points,” Belfi said. “We make passionate but often ignored American values, and we now have a unique opportunity to expand our reach without burdening DIRECTV and its customers with any additional financial demands.”

On Thursday afternoon, Newsmax outraged in a statement about DirecTV’s move to replace it: “While we’re pleased that AT&T DirecTV is adding a conservative commentary channel, it’s a pathetic attempt to deal with the millions of angry viewers who still want NEWSMAX for our best-rated shows, personalities, and in-depth news coverage. You can’t Replace Cadillac with Honda.

The statement continued: “The facts remain: DirecTV dropped two of its most popular conservative channels last year, replacing them with a channel that has no ratings—while still airing more than 20 liberal-leaning news channels.” In our negotiations, DirecTV made clear that although NEWSMAX is the #4 cable news channel in America, they would never pay us a license fee while all 22 liberal news channels pay us. This was an act of discrimination with one goal in mind: to censor us.”

DirecTV – jointly owned by AT&T and TPG Capital –Newsmax pulled From the lineup of its channel at midnight on Wednesday, after negotiations on a new deal between the two parties stopped. The pay-TV provider has rejected Newsmax’s demands for an additional licensing fee to broadcast the station, noting that the pro-Trump channel is currently broadcasting its content free to air on various platforms and its own app.

“On multiple occasions, we have made it clear to Newsmax that we would like to continue offering the network, but ultimately, Newsmax’s requests for price increases could have resulted in significantly higher costs that we would have had to pass on to our broad customer base,” a DirecTV spokesperson told the website. The Daily Beast after Newsmax’s contract expired.

“Anyone, including our customers, can watch the network for free via and and on many streaming platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Google Play,” the spokesperson added. “We are constantly evaluating the most relevant programming to provide our customers and expect to fill this available channel with fresh content.”

Newsmax, which has not been paid carriage fees by DirecTV since launching the service in 2014, has accused DirecTV of shooting it down as Part of a coordinated effort To silence the conservative media – and he has Enlist the help of the Republicans on Capitol Hill to pressure DirecTV to pay them “fair and equitable” fees.

Quoted from DirecTV Cancellation of the little-watched far-right network One America News Last year, the House Republican crafting a letter to the satellite provider last week alleging the company was colluding with Democrats to “monetize” right-wing outlets. “If Newsmax is removed from DIRECTV, House Republicans will in less than a year lose two of the three news channels: reaching conservative voters on a platform that primarily serves conservative-leaning areas of the country.

newsmax He also urged her viewers to subpoena lawmakers and ask Congress to investigate DirecTV and AT&T for their “discrimination against conservative media.”

However, DirecTV’s agreement with The First appears to contradict the narrative that Republicans and Newsmax have spun. Especially considering the conservative sentiments the network is currently projecting onto its airwaves.

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