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Buyers came… Buyers watched… Buyers logged in and cleared Ticketmaster’s allocation of NFC game patches in a matter of minutes Tuesday.

With such an online turnout — which showed up in a line of thousands when tickets went on sale to the public at 10 a.m. Tuesday — the cheapest shot many fans got at the NFC Championship Game once it arrived disappeared. It displayed what secondary ticket market analysts had predicted since the match between Philadelphia Eagles And San Francisco 49ers Set for Sunday: This is going to be a very hot ticket.

So far, it has lived up to the hype, as the NFC title game is currently the most expensive conference title game in NFL history. According to industry search engine TicketIQ, the average ticket price was $2,468 on Monday afternoon, with chairman Jesse Lawrence calling that cost “the most expensive conference championship game we’ve ever tracked.” This early number surpassed the previous peak set last year between the 49ers and the 49ers Los Angeles Ramswhich touched $1,542 in average ticket price.

The game’s secondary inventory was still up solidly by Tuesday, hovering in the range of 4,000 to 5,000 tickets still available. If this rally continues, it could drive prices down – but Ticketmaster’s limited public sale to the public is quickly wiped out, and inventory is likely to start to dry up as buyers start to lose patience and take what’s available. As of Tuesday afternoon, Lawrence said the average price at the peak remains strong.

“Prices are holding steady so far,” Lawrence said. “The entry price has come down a bit, but the average overall is right where it was [Monday]. “

Jalen Hurts The Philadelphia Eagles are in high demand as they prepare to take on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. (Mitchell Leaf/Getty Images)

The entry price for the game (representing the cheapest seat in the stadium or just standing room) was nearly $700 before fees late Tuesday night.

The NFC game isn’t alone either. AFC Championship match between Kansas City Chiefs And Cincinnati Bengals The average price for a single ticket was $1,218, according to TicketIQ data Monday afternoon. This marked the most expensive average price for an AFC title game the outlet has ever tracked, and the fourth highest for any conference game. These numbers do not include reduced capacity playoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Sunbulah? Analysts say inflation is likely to play a role, like everything else in sales over the past 12 months, but there has also been significant demand as well. StubHub’s head of partnerships, Adam Bodelli, said the outlet has seen huge demand for divisional round tickets, foreshadowing the conference game demand.

Last weekend’s games doubled sales [the January 2022] “The divisional rides on StubHub, it set the stage for a record-breaking championship weekend when it came to ticket sales,” said Bodelli. “Demand for both the AFC and NFC leagues rose last year around this time. Whereas [Bengals quarterback Joe] terrier f [Chiefs quarterback Patrick] Mahomes is expected to excel in a memorable rematch for sure [of last year’s AFC title game]The clash between the elite defensemen and the ardent fan bases of the 49ers and Eagles dominates sales.”

So what does this mean for potential Super Bowl sales? It’s too early to tell, since the match isn’t settled. But the trend of sales of hot divisions and conference tournaments could lead to another huge price tag for Super Bowl tickets.

“Present [Super Bowl] The average list price is $9,527, which is very high, even for a Super Bowl.”

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