Free PlayStation Plus games we might get in February 2023

January is coming to an end, however, and Sony has yet to reveal the free version PlayStation Plus Games that all PS Plus subscribers, regardless of tier, will get in February 2023. Two more PS4 games and a PS5 game are expected, but what exactly are the ones that haven’t been officially revealed or even unofficially leaked like most months. This should change in the coming days as both Sony and leakers are running out of time. In the meantime, here are the games we think can be featured.

sefu It was released last year as a Play Station A console exclusive, and a rather notable one at that. This February, it will celebrate its first anniversary. Furthermore, the following month it will finally be coming to Xbox consoles, which makes this a great time for PlayStation to take some wind out of that sail by making it free via PS Plus first.

“Whether you choose to play as a male or female character, in Sifu, you will ponder this question on your way to revenge, hunting down the killers of your family,” says an official teaser about the game. “One against all, you have no allies, countless enemies, and a mysterious amulet that brings you back to life every time you die. However, be careful! Your secret weapon comes with a heavy price to pay: aging and its consequences.”

next month, Come deliverance kingdom It will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. With a sequel on the way and millions of copies already sold, it’s time to generate some buzz and squeeze more orange juice in order to get more people to anticipate and be willing to buy the sequel when it ends up coming out.

“You are Henry, son of a blacksmith. Engage in a raging civil war, watching helplessly as invaders storm your village and massacre your friends and family,” reads an official announcement for the game. “Narrowly escaping the brutal attack, grab your sword to strike back. Avenge your parents’ death and help repel the invading forces!”

It could be the third and final game, the PS5 highlight The Last of Us Part 1, which saw a rebound in sales thanks to the popularity of the HBO show. This will likely continue as the show progresses, but you have to imagine that a good chunk of that resurgence has already occurred, which means now is a good time to use the game to market the TV show.

Experience emotional storytelling and unforgettable characters in… The last of us, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards,” reads an official description of the game.” In a ruined civilization, where injured and hardened survivors run rampant, Joel, the weary protagonist, is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of the military quarantine zone. However, what begins as a small mission soon turns into a brutal cross-country trek.”

Of course, these are just predictions. They are based on service history and industry knowledge, but this is not a leak. Our predictions have been correct in the past, but unfortunately, probability is very much against us.

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