Galaxy S23 Ultra: a phone for astrophotography enthusiasts! Everyone else, take another look at the S22 Ultra

Well, it seems like a good time for incremental upgrades to phones, and after Apple, now it’s Samsung’s turn to unveil its new flagship phone that looks suspiciously similar to the company’s previous offering.

StillAlthough it is incremental, some upgrades and improvements are coming to the Galaxy S23 Ultra It would most likely be nice to have and therefore would be appreciated. However, there is a “but”, and it exists because (I don’t know about you), but I’m not willing to pay $1,200 for a phone that will likely turn out to be 80-90% similar to what we already know and love Galaxy s 22 super…

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is shaping up as one of the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and capable smartphones of 2023, that doesn’t mean it’s going to exist in a vacuum, which is the key point I’ll make here.

And while I won’t be talking about the Pixel and iPhone in this argument, I am an act Think you might want to consider buying Samsung’s current (soon to be “obsolete”) flagship – the Galaxy S22 Ultra! why? Because it’s a great phone! especiallyBecause you’ll likely get it for half the price of the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra once the latter is released (or until now…)

Let’s get into more detail…

Galaxy S22 Ultra instead of Galaxy S23 Ultra? Long software support makes getting last year’s Galaxy flagship on the new phone a great idea

While I don’t usually advise anyone to buy an old phone when the new model is released, this year might be a little different, as Galaxy S22 Ultra It really ticks every box and it basically looks like the S23 Ultra!

But more importantly, the Galaxy S22 Ultra promises a total fouryears of Android upgrades, which means even if you pick it up now (running Android 13), you’re guaranteed to receive a total of three new versions of Android (up to Android 16), plus four years of security support! iPhone aside, this is the longest software support you can get when you buy an “old” phone. Hats off, Samsung!

If you want to get your hands on the new Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can pre-order it now! Here is a quick list of the improvements the S23 Ultra is expected to bring over its predecessors (based on leaks):

  • First and foremost – the S23 Ultra will be shipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip All areas of the world now, which means the days of Exynos injustice are over — not something to overlook if you have a Galaxy running Exynos…

  • a new 200-megapixel primary camera and an ultra-wide-angle selfie sensor; The star of the S23 Ultra is expected to be its 200MP sensor, which is said to preserve more detail (duh!), but also improve low-light photography and videography (we look forward to those camera comparisons!)

  • 256GB of storage for the cheapest model, the S23 Ultra (makes you wonder why the Galaxy S22 Ultra started at 128GB in the first place); Oddly, the S23 Ultra gets 8GB of RAM for the base variant, which isn’t a great look — cheaper phones like the Pixel 7 Pro and OnePlus 11 start with 12GB of RAM, which is never a bad idea when It’s about Android

Surprisingly (or not), this is where (at least according to the leaked information), the most important upgrades with the Galaxy S23 Ultra seem to end …

Of course, the biggest reason to go with the Galaxy S23 Ultra over the Galaxy S22 Ultra is if you live where you live at all You can’t have a Galaxy S22 Ultra powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip. Also, if your carrier comes up with such an amazing offer, I wouldn’t blame you for choosing the newer phone…

For everyone else, a discounted, refurbished, or even used Galaxy S22 Ultra might be the best $650 investment I’ve made in years…

  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra will have one of the best displays even in 2023 – ultra-bright, colorful and high refresh rate; Leaks indicate that the new Ultra should be able to reach the same brightness as the old one
  • Considering you’re not buying a Galaxy S22 Ultra with an Exynos 2200 chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version of the phone will be more than powerful enough to serve you well for years to come; repeatedlyDon’t forget the extended software support that gets you three new versions of Android and four years of security patches
  • The Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the second best camera phone of 2023 when it comes to it cleverness; The zoom ceiling of Samsung’s 2022 flagship is still unmatched by any other Android phone/iPhone, and overall it takes excellent photos and videos in all lighting conditions.
  • While not the best out there, the Galaxy S22 Ultra still has great battery life and charges reasonably quickly; The new Galaxy S23 Ultra is not expected to bring a larger battery or faster charging

Galaxy S23 Ultra isn’t a phone for those with the flagship Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 – it’s for people with other phones

In the end, why companies like an Apple And Samsung We gave phones 80-90% similar compared to their predecessors, and presenting them as “new”? For me, the answer has always been “strategic planning”.

Don’t forget – we’re talking multi-million dollar companies here with one main goal – to sell more phones (act surprised!). Therefore, setting the pace of hardware upgrades and innovation at “just the right level” is central to Samsung’s success as a company (an exception to the rule might be Sony, which seems to be making phones for fun).

Possibly affected by the Cupertino effect, Samsung seems to have realized that going all-you-have isn’t the most sustainable business model, and is now taking a more relaxed approach to upgrades. Although the relative lack of Android competition on the global stage certainly helps Samsung too! I miss you Huawei.

But hey, just like the iPhone 14 is an upgrade aimed at those with older iPhones, the Galaxy S23 series looks like an option for people with the Galaxy S20 or older.

In fact, you might be one of those people who own a Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, or another recent phone that isn’t necessarily made by Samsung. In that case, assuming you didn’t just win the lottery (in which case, congratulations, let’s be friends!), I wholeheartedly suggest you put your hard-earned money away, So far…

Rumors and logic have it that the Galaxy S24 series phones will bring fresh new designs, and even some hardware upgrades that may be more attractive than what the S23 phones will offer you now. Samsung is expected to upgrade the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a completely new zoom system, farther and more advanced than that found in the S22 and S23 Ultra …

But but but!Do Wait for our Galaxy S23 Ultra review, which will give you a better perspective on whether Samsung’s 2023 premium flagship is worth your consideration. Maybe I’m underestimating the new 200 MP camera, which will blow everyone away, while the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will fly like … Dragon!

Once the pun gets to that level – that’s when I know to end things… So, this is a detour!

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