Google AI can create music in any type of text description

It doesn’t matter chat Music may be the next big frontier for AI content generation. Google recently published Search for MusicLM, a system that creates music of any genre with text description. This is not the first AI music generator. like Techcrunch NotesProjects like Google’s AudioML and OpenAI’s Jukebox have tackled the topic. However, MusicLM’s model and extensive training database (280,000 hours of music) help it produce music of surprising variety and depth. You may just want to take out.

Not only can AI combine types and tools, but it can also write paths using abstract concepts that computers normally find difficult to understand. If you want a mix of dance music and reggaeton with a “spacey, otherworldly” tone that evokes “a sense of wonder and awe,” MusicLM can make it happen. Technology can also make melodies based on a hum, whistle, or description of a painting. Story mode can combine multiple descriptions together to produce a DJ set or soundtrack.

MusicLM has its issues, as do many AI generators. Some of the tracks sound weird, and the vocals tend to be unintelligible. And while the shows themselves are better than you might expect, they can also be repetitive in ways that human business may not be. Don’t expect a dip into the EDM or verse-chorus style of a typical song.

Just don’t plan on using the technology anytime soon. As with Other Google AI generatorsMusicLM is not released to the public by researchers due to copyright concerns. Approximately one percent of the music produced at the time of publication was copied directly from Practice Songs. While questions regarding the licensing of AI music have not yet been settled, 2021 White papers From Eric Sunray (who now works for the Music Publishers Association) has suggested that there are enough “coherent” traces of the original sounds that AI music could infringe reproduction rights. You may have to obtain passes to release AI-generated songs, just like sample-based musicians.

Artificial intelligence already has a place in music. artists like Holly Herndon And Arca Algorithms were used to produce albums and soundtracks for the museum. However, they are either cooperative (as with Herndon) or intentionally unpredictable (as with Arca). MusicLM may not be ready for prime time, but it does hint at a future where AI could play a bigger role in the studio.

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