Hyundai makes Kevin Bacon as dad in new IONIQ 6 ads [Video]

Have you ever played “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” If you have, you’ll understand that Hyundai’s “Bacon number” is sitting in one place now that the automaker has handpicked the famous actor for a series of new ads with the IONIQ 6. As you’ll see in the video below, Bacon perfectly portrays the average dad but one who made the switch to Hyundai EV. Much like a new snowdrift or a grim weather forecast, Dad can’t stop talking about it.

Hyundai’s new model, the Ioniq 6, debuted last summer It is due to arrive later this year. My first impression of what the automaker describes as “electrified flow lines” was “meh” compared to Ionic 5but once I was able to explore this new electric car inside and out, I quickly ate my words.

In addition to arriving as one of the The most dynamic and effective cars on the market, IONIQ 6 will be as well Very safe to drivewhich is part of the reason why it is sold in the European market less than 24 hours.

Pre-orders for the IONIQ 6 in the US are expected to start this spring, so naturally, Hyundai will start rolling out announcements to start scaling up new matches. Previous Hyundai ads have featured names such as Ozark Jason Bateman, who It aired during last year’s Super Bowl. Ahead, we saw the accent-heavy “Smaht Pahk” spot featuring Boston natives Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch. Oh, and let’s not forget Big Babe.

During this weekend’s NFL Conference Championship, Hyundai will air a new campaign of ads showing IONIQ 6 and anyone other than Kevin Bacon embarrassing his real-life daughter, Susie.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 ads
Kevin and Sosie Bacon alongside their IONIQ 6 EV / Source: Hyundai

Kevin Bacon moves into full dad mode with the Hyundai IONIQ 6

Hyundai today announced the launch of the new IONIQ 6 campaign by uploading two advertisements to YouTube before they broadcast On TV on Sunday, January 29th. The title of the new campaign is “It’s Time to Go Electric,” explaining that if your not-so-tech-savvy dad drives an electric car, it’s probably time to do so, too.

Bacon is still portrayed as an early adopter of electric vehicles because, to that point, anyone who buys one is still ahead of the curve in many ways. However, like many decisions parents make, doing something cool before everyone else brings in its fair share of conversations about it, even to strangers at the freight station, but especially to their kids. Hyundai Motor America CMO Angela Zepeda elaborated on the new IONIQ 6 announcements:

With the introduction of the IONIQ 6, Hyundai is once again making the electric vehicle lifestyle easier and more convenient than ever. If you’re someone familiar with the transition to electric, we hope this campaign starring Kevin and Susie Bacon shows how early adopters, at any point in their lives, can easily make the switch.

In one of Hyundai’s new 30-second ads titled “grandchildren, Kevin Bacon explains how his purchase of IONIQ 6 supports the next generation of Earth, which, of course, excites his daughter, Susie, who is tired of being bothered about having children. I’m sure many other consumers will relate to this conversation, I sure can. The ads were directed by the duo Will Speck and Josh Gordon and produced by furs.

If you’re watching football this Sunday, look out for Kevin Bacon in the new IONIQ 6 ads, but if you don’t want to wait, here’s Hyundai’s “daddy going electric”:

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