Jerry Jones’ comments indicate that the Cowboys free agent will be joining the Chargers

The LA Chargers and Dallas Cowboys were tied this off season as Kellen Moore agreed to part ways with Dallas in order to join Brandon Staley’s coaching staff in Los Angeles. Now, the technical director Mike McCarthy will call the plays for the Cowboys.

This is a precarious situation given McCarthy’s past Moore is already starting to win over Chargers fans Before he trains even one exercise. All things considered, it looks like the Chargers got the better end of this deal.

The deal could be sweetened in the coming weeks too if anything Free agents cowboys who follow Moore to the shippers. Los Angeles doesn’t have much to spend in free agency, but the team could bring in at least a free agent or two thanks to Moore’s influence.

Perhaps the Cowboys free agent most likely to join the Chargers is backup quarterback Cooper Rush, who started several games with Dallas last season and played well. It doesn’t look like Dallas will turn the ground to bring back the Rush, either, as Jerry Jones is already committing to using the draft capital at the quarterback this year.

Dallas drafting a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft does not guarantee they will not re-sign Rush. There’s certainly scope for the team to bring Rush back into the fold while drafting a young quarterback to add to the room. However, it sure is less likely that the team would re-sign Rush under the circumstances.

The stars are aligning with Rush to come to LA to support Justin Herbert. He will follow the offensive coordinator who worked closely with him and who raised him as a freshman. This is a much better situation than joining a random team with no connections.

Plus, it’s not like Rush will ever get a job anywhere else. It would be one thing if he was a fringe player like Andy Dalton. If that’s the case, he’d definitely want to go to a team where the QB position is unclear so he can get a chance. This is not the situation Rush is in and he will be a backup no matter what.

Los Angeles needs a quarterback, too. Chase Daniel is likely to retire now that his contract has expired and it seems unlikely that the Chargers will re-sign Easton Stick. Drafting a quarterback late in the 2023 NFL Draft is a possibility, but the Rush would be a much better option.

There are two big benefits of adding Rush behind Herbert. First of all, he’s someone the Chargers could be confident of at least keeping the Fort if Herbert had to miss a short amount of time with an injury. Second, he’s someone with a lot of experience on Moore’s offense who can add a lot of value to Herbert and the rest of the QB room.

Signing the Rush is a no-brainer and thanks to Jerry Jones’ willingness to draft a quarterback, the Chargers may have no competition whatsoever.

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