Martha Stewart, 81, is causing a stir with her new selfie: ‘Unfiltered. No face-lift

Martha Stewart showed off her glowing skin in a series of selfies. (Photo: Reuters/Dani Molochuk)

Martha Stewart is showing off her “amazing” skin — and shutting down those who wonder how she got it.

On Sunday, the 81-year-old entertainer pulled out her camera to snap a few selfies during her hairstyling appointment, attributing her good looks to her “mostly dry January” workouts and Pilates.

“Skin looks good after a mostly dry January and Pilates every other day,” Stewart said of the beautiful photos, noting that they included “no reshoots at all.”

Stewart’s post garnered many compliments, with one fan commenting, “Martha’s Thirst Trap is my favorite Martha.” Another fan called the kitchen queen “one hot mom.”

But the post also drew criticism from those who accused Stewart of creating unrealistic expectations of what aging looks like, especially for those without her finances. “No 81-year-old can look like this without loads of money on fillers, Botox, etc,” wrote one commenter. “It’s not normal.”

Another commenter chided the star, “You better do Martha.” “Our little girls deserve more from us! You’re setting expectations and examples of what women should look like as they age. This is dangerous and detrimental to our youth. This is not natural beauty at 81. Grow up! It’s strangely upsetting at your age to picture this. Stop.” Women are about objectifying yourself and making sexy lips and faces thinking it’s normal. This behavior is for the bedroom, not social media.”

Seemingly in response to the comments, Stewart went on to post another series of “unfiltered” selfies from the salon, insisting her smooth skin wasn’t the result of a facelift, as some have suggested. Instead, she said it was because, “Great [dermatologists] My Whole Life,” plus diet, exercise, and amazing facials by Mario Badescu.

She captioned the second post: “These are the other three photos I took.” “My expression was better the first time around but my skin looks great every time. No filtering. No face-lift. Great skins my whole life. Currently Dr. Daniel Belkin and Dr. Daval Bhanusali. Great diet. Great exercise and I did it. I mention the amazing facials @tweet Over the past forty years! “

Talking to Yahoo Live Unapologetically Series Earlier this month, Stewart stressed the importance of maintaining a “healthy lifestyle” and staying active rather than sluggish as a woman in her 80s.

“It’s about being aware of the things around you and living a good, healthy life,” she said. “And going to Pilates at 6:30 in the morning, which I did this morning. I try to go to Pilates as many times a week as I can.”

Stating that she “never thinks about retirement”, the TV personality explains that she doesn’t let her standards slip and refuses to start acting like a “little old lady”.

“I’m not going to start living badly just because I’m old,” Yahoo Life told me. “Once you have lived well, you must always live well.”

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