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strike! This week, a union group of post-production workers in Saturday Night Live authorized a hit in an effort to speed up negotiations for their first contract, which they say has stalled in talks. This group, which joined IATSE’s motion picture editors guild last year, is responsible for post-production on sketches, such as music videos and commercial parodies. The mandate hasn’t become an actual strike yet, so it’ll be curious to see if the show is based on raw images they kept in their back pockets, or how episodes will be structured as this strike draws nearer. But the show, as they say, must go on.

This week’s episode is hosted by Michael B, who cut his teeth on television before making his Hollywood debut. Today he is the legendary heir rocky franchise Creed IIIAnd which he also directed, will be released in March.

Saturday Night LIVE – “Michael B. Jordan, Lil’ Baby” Episode 1837 – Pictured: (lr) Lil’ Baby musical guest, host Michael B. Jordan, and Heidi Gardner at Studio 8H during promotions on Thursday, January 26, 2023 – (Photo by: Rosalind O’Connor / NBC)

Rosalind O’Connor/NBC Lil Baby, Michael B Jordan, and Heidi Gardner on SNL

I’m joined tonight by your ex SNL cast member, Denny Dillon, who — similar to Jordan — has weaved between movies, traditional TV, and HBO over the years. She is currently co-starring in M. Night Shyamalan Servantwhich airs on Apple TV and costars Lauren Ambrose (under six feet).

Dillon says, “Jordan is kind of a superhero. He didn’t just create superheroes like Killmonger in Black Panther And Wakanda forever, but also in animation. The same oomph he brings to the screen is in his voice.”

She adds: “As a midfielder Friday night lightsI felt his heart and strength. HBO’s early presence in my TV background – six years later In the dream – I was a fan the wire. Jordan brought vulnerability to his role in the drug trade. It’s not easy. It is persuasive and versatile. Easily switch between movies, network and broadcast. I look forward to seeing him do comedy.”

SNL in review Cell – Arise!

cold open

New Sheriff in Town: Merrick Garland (Mickey Day). He went after the rebels on Jan. 6, and now he’s investigating the classified documents scandals of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. “Merrick Garland, don’t play!” He says on my nose whine. He plays the Attorney General’s dumb librarian, his assertions peppered with sound. Kenan ThompsonAnd Buen YangAnd Financial Play special agents help the case. Yang’s down-to-earth personality brags about meeting Barack Obama—and makes a strong Lin-Manuel Miranda impression. This is the highlight of the cold open! “F about and find out!”

The sketch ends with a poignant moment that signals the release of new videos from Memphis that have revealed Tire Nichols brutally attacked by police.

Honestly, this might be one of the strongest cold cuts I’ve seen this season.


“Tonight’s Michael B. hosting, Michael B. joked… Michael B. is weak!”

The host points to an introductory scene he filmed this week, which was in the same place where he had one of his first acting jobs all of my children! He discusses a recent breakup and a picture of him that went viral. Not perfect, but thankfully the crying Michael Jordan meme replaces any searches for “sad” images next to the actor’s name on Google.

Chloe Fineman goes out to flirt with Jordan, and Heidi Gardner and Ego Nodem also join. The latter just threw on a wedding dress! Punkie Johnson says she gets “curious” when the actor indicates he thought she was gay. “Even vegans have cheat days, right?” She’s kidding.

Jordan says he can take himself seriously, so he’s looking forward to trying live comedy. Compared to traditional television or even film and broadcast productions, Dillon notes:Saturday Night Live It is another kind of epic monster. Being merry with the power of making live calls to get extraordinary powers. Jordan showed us he has it. I started my TV career with SNL And I am eternally grateful to plunge into the volcano. It takes danger to perform, taking wild risks like Aubrey Plaza so dramatically staged last week.”

Good morning today

Chloe Fineman and Kenan Thompson present “The Kitchen with Francine.” Sarah Sherman plays Francine, who missed yesterday’s show after being stuck on a roller coaster for 19 hours. Now, she looks insane with her face paralyzed after hours of windburn.

Placing this segment at the top of the show is a nod to the show’s belief in Sherman’s brand of comedy. She is able to make her catchy sense of humor look charming and attractive. Indeed, Francine is an impressive display of physical comedy. She is joined by Jason (Jordan) who was also on the roller coaster. Funny ending.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest canceled more than 16,700 flights over several days in late December. While a massive winter storm caused the initial cancellation, the company’s outdated software systems turned what should have been an ordinary problem into a disaster. Now, the airline is trying to compensate.

men towel

This is a fun show by Marcelo Hernandez, who is joined by Kenan Thompson as Two Towels in Punta Cana Resort. Almost like the passing of a torch. It was visited by many guests. Check this out if you want to see Marcello in the center of the scene; It’s really built around his comedic energy. Michael Longfellow is also funny as an awkward New Jersey guest. This could be a fun repeat drawing!

state farm

Jordan plays Jake from State Farm, who is slowly raping a man’s family. Mikey Day plays a cuckold husband who slowly realizes his wife’s infidelity and goes mad. I’d love for this to become a horror movie trailer. Really interesting twist with Andrew Desmoux. “He’s not a good neighbor!”

Street Fighter voiceover

Jordan and Bowen Yang record the grunts and sound effects needed for fighting video games. While Jordan is solid, Yang’s silliness misleads him. I’ve seen this before.

Lil Baby – “California Breeze”

This was included on Baby’s third studio album It’s just meand peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, the album’s highest-charting single. Solid tune, and honest I guess, but that’s not for me.

Weekend update

Colin Jost Donald Trump compared his Facebook reinstatement to “firewalls” to the reopening of Jurassic Park, while Michael Che Compare Taylor Swift fans to January 6th rebels.

New York is poised to be the most expensive rental market in the country — Chi’s new janitor Carl (Kenan Thompson) is here for comment. Ya Qi stopped him before telling the story of their awkward encounter. Six cats looking for Chi!

Vanilla Frostys are back at Wendy’s! Angel, The Girlfriend in Every Boxing Movie (Heidi Gardner) is back to discuss. A minute has passed! I believe this is her first appearance on Update since 2018. She begins, as always, frantically talking about her boyfriend’s desperate boxing addiction and the health threats it poses. His last fight? against faith. Adonis Creed (Jordan) joins her – he wants to take her kids to her sister! Attractive.

Male Confidence Seminar

Andrew Desmoux plays a variation of Tom Cruise’s Frank TJ Mackie magnolia, “Alpha” gives grieving men tips on talking to women. He has a scarf and rings, the package is complete. Well, until a worker from No Water (Jordan) sits down and grins his forehead. The facade quickly dissolves, as the attendees (played by male cast members) follow Jordan.

Palm Springs bachelorette party

Vince (Jordan), a firefighter (male stripper), joins a group for a fun night of debauchery. However, his wife (Gardner) is shown blowing up the fanfare. Pandemonium ensues. This is a funny companion to the male confidence sketch — this time, Jordan joins the female cast members. reflection! “Push, pay, pay!”

Lil’ Baby – “Forever”

This was produced by Friday, Business Boy and Fortune. It’s a great love song. That’s about it!

Toyota commercial

Andrew Desmoux and James Austin Johnson are the King brothers – this is a good moment to get a sense of the versatility of each of the cast members. Off Interstate 8 Exit 260! But there is a problem with the left lane. It’s overselling! They hate trendy chains encroaching on their lot, and have a lot of animosity against Raising Canes. Johnson’s daughter says their plight is a “fun mirror” of the American Dream.

One note: This episode continues to remind us just how hot Michael B Jordan is.


Michael B Jordan keeps falling while playing music – with Andrew Dismox as witness. He falls over and over and he rambles around 8. It consumes him. So silly and weird. The Kyle Mooney slot is filled 10 to 1.

Final thoughts

– Well, how did we feel about this? Vote here or weigh below.

– Thanks, Denny Dillon! Go watch her inside Servant! She said: “This was a completely different experience for me. I was featured in a Stephen King movie From outside on HBO so I’d have dipped my toes into the ominous world but M. Night has its own signature of darkness. Once while filming in Philadelphia, a crew member said “Denny, you’re really funny.” And Lorraine [Ambrose] “Denny has been funny for a very long time,” he said. make me happy.”

Happy 45th birthday This classic episode!

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