Mike McCarthy calls the plays as the Cowboys play along with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore possession Cowboys Offensive coordinator was made.

His successor already exists.

The club and Moore reached what is described as a mutual decision to part, and teams around the NFL looking for a coordinator are aware of Moore’s condition, several people familiar with the outcome said. Dallas Morning News. Artistic Director Mike McCarthy He will take over play-by-play liaison duties in the wake of Moore’s departure, said a person familiar with the changeover.

Moore’s attitude to the staff dominated the conversations Between McCarthy, owner Jerry Jones and Executive Vice President Stephen Jones at The Star for the past 48 hours. Replacing Moore as the play-by-play caller was only part of the equation. The goal was to determine if the Cowboys could upgrade the venue.

McCarthy is the only coach on the current staff who lives up to this expectation. McCarthy won Super Bowl call-up plays in Green Bay, but was reluctant to do so when he took the job in Dallas three years ago, saying he wanted to keep the same system and mechanics in place to make him as comfortable as possible for the Duck quarterback. Prescott.

The idea was that familiarity was the best way for Prescott to continue growing as a quarterback. But this season, Prescott struggled with a career high 15 interceptions and threw two in the game loss against San Francisco. There was no progress.

The current build of the offensive staff indicates that the Cowboys will look outside the organization to fill a coordinator role that will not include call plays. It seems likely that quarterbacks coach Doug Nusmayer, whose contract has expired, will be a victim of this change in direction.

Moore, who has one year left on his contract, I just interviewed for a vacant head coaching position at Carolina He went to Frank Reich. Moore would be an attractive candidate for the many offensive coordinator openers available throughout the league.

The club issued a statement on Thursday ahead of McCarthy’s end-of-season press conference in which he was included Six coaches whose contracts have not been renewed. If there was a decision to be made regarding Moore, some have wondered why it wasn’t announced at the time.

The reason: Moore was interviewing for the head coaching job with Karolina. He and McCarthy met only briefly before Thursday’s news conference. The two didn’t get a chance to speak and assess Moore until Friday.

When asked directly at that press conference if Moore would return as moderator, McCarthy avoided the question.

“I really don’t want to play this game today,” the Cowboys coach told reporters. “It’s been a long two days.

“Kellen Moore, just like the rest of the coaches, will be evaluated. Every coach will be evaluated. The evaluation takes more than a day.”

The Cowboys finished fourth in the NFL in scoring during the regular season, averaging 27.5 points. They did this even though Prescott missed five games with a broken thumb on his throwing hand.

Dallas led the league in scoring the previous year with a 31.2-point average, and 530 points scored.

So why is the organization going? One reason is the disconnect between regular season production and the playoffs.

The Cowboys have averaged just 14.5 points in their two postseason losses to San Francisco over the past 13 months. Dallas scored only six points and failed to find the end zone in the second half of their end 19-12 divisional round loss to the 49ers to end the season.

Another reason is the decline in Prescott’s performance. His 15 interceptions tied for the worst total in the league, though he missed five games with a broken thumb on his throwing hand.

Prescott was drafted by the Cowboys in 2016. He quickly moved up the depth chart in training camp when Moore, the team’s backup quarterback to Tony Romo at the time, broke his leg early in camp.

Moore did not play this season, but he worked closely with the rookie throughout and is credited with helping him adjust to the professional game. Moore retired at the end of the following season and was asked by then-coach Jason Jarrett to join his team as quarterbacks coach at Prescott.

When the offensive coordinator job opened up at the end of the 2018 season, Prescott pressured Moore to get the job. McCarthy never worked with Moore when he took over as head coach of the Cowboys in January 2020. Moore was not part of the coaching tree itself, yet McCarthy made the decision to keep him offensive coordinator.

why? Moore College coach was Chris Peterson. McCarthy recalled how much Peterson thought of Moore as a player and his football mind from Boise State.

McCarthy also saw how Prescott had developed from his rookie season and quickly recognized the bond the quarterback forged with Moore. When he sat down and talked with Moore, he was convinced it was better for the Cowboys that Moore stayed.

“I thought it was obviously the best thing for the Duck, and that’s what I said to the Duck when we talked about football,” McCarthy said after taking over as the Cowboys’ head coach. “This is his sin. I want him to suffer the same offense throughout his career.”

Crime will remain in place.

But for the first time in Prescott’s career with the Cowboys, Moore wouldn’t be there with him. There will be a new sound in the middle ear.

And it would be McCarthy who called the plays.

Staff writer Michael Gilkin contributed to this report.

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