Priscilla Presley vows to “protect” her grandchildren after Lisa Marie Presley dies

Priscilla Presley She has family on her mind.

After nearly three weeks Lisa Marie Presley‘s the deathThe actress paid tribute to her late daughter, expressing her desire to “protect” the singer surviving children: girl Riley Keough and twin girls Finley And Harper Lockwood. (Lisa Marie Reilly, 33, shared with her first husband Danny Keogh and her twins, 14, with her fourth husband Michael Lockwood.)

The 77-year-old began in a statement to E! News. “My wish is to protect my three grandchildren and keep our family together.”

Priscilla – also the mother of the musician Navarone Garibaldi of her relationship with Mark Garibaldi– He continued, “From the first moment I took Lisa in my arms, I protected, loved and guided her, I also have my own son. Our hearts are broken, and I have to learn to live without my only daughter.”

Appreciating the outpouring of public support since Lisa Marie’s death, the mother said, “We really love you all, and feel your prayers. Thank you so much for caring so much about our family.”

Lisa Marie Presley and her children through the years

Priscilla’s statement follows a petition filed by her attorneys questioning the validity of Lisa Marie’s will, which named Riley and her younger sisters as successors to their mother’s trust.

Court documents were filed Jan. 28 and obtained by E! The news claimed that Priscilla and former business manager Barry Seal They took the title of co-secretaries of a living will written by Lisa Marie in 1993 and amended in 2010.

However, after Lisa Marie died on January 12, Priscilla discovered the 2016 amendment that named Riley and her sisters — as well as Lisa Marie’s son Benjamin KeoughWho is the He died by suicide in 2020—co-secretaries instead. Priscilla’s petition alleged several “issues of validity and validity” of the amendment, including how Lisa Marie misspelled her mother’s name in the document and that her handwriting “appeared inconsistent with her usual and customary signature”.

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The petition also stated that Priscilla never received a copy of the 2016 amendment when Lisa Marie was still alive, and asked the court to deem the document “invalid.”

Previously, spokeswoman for Graceland – the Tennessee home that Lisa Marie inherited in 1993 from her late father Elvis PresleyOwnership — told E! The news that The 120-acre property will go to Riley and her sisters after their mother’s death.

It was Lisa Marie He was buried near the graves of Benjamin and Elvis In the Meditation Garden at Graceland on Jan. 22.

H! News reached out to Priscilla, Barry and Riley’s representatives for comment on the petition but did not respond.

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