Raiders Haven’t Yet Granted Derek Carr Permission to Trade: Sources

There is a deadline approaching Derek Carr Lottery, there was a hitch in Raiders Find a business partner for quarterbacks. The Raiders did not give Carr’s agent permission to speak to the other teams, league and team sources familiar with the matter confirmed the athlete on Monday. Sports Illustrated broke the news first. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Raiders have to trade or cut Bakar before February 15, when base salary of $32.9 million for next year and $7.5 million for 2024 money are fully guaranteed.
  • Carr has veto power over any trade.
  • Carr, 31, was Bench for the last two matches from the 2022 regular season. Raiders started Garrett Stidham at quarterback instead. Carr left the team after sitting down so as not to be distracted.
  • he Send a goodbye message to fans of the organization via social media in January, marking the end of his nine-year career with the team.

Why didn’t the Raiders grant Carr permission?

The Raiders may be concerned that Carr’s agent, Tim Younger, will work on a free agent deal with the new team rather than help with the terms of the trade. But Younger could do it on February 16, long before other quarterbacks in the league hit the free agent market. Younger will need to talk to the new team about Carr’s contract – either restructuring the existing one or creating a new one – either way.

Younger declined to comment for this story. General Manager Dave Ziegler, on his way to Mobile, Ala. , for the Senior Bowl, was not available for comment.

Sources said Younger did not provide the Raiders with a list of teams he would be open to trading for, for the simple reason that it is wide open. Several teams have yet to appoint a coach or offensive coordinator.

What are the remaining options?

It appears that the Raiders and Karr should work together to find a business partner. Carr will have the first scores on his new team — who can rework his contract and avoid hitting the free market in March — while the Raiders can get a draft pick in return, or a veteran they want.

and while the athlete reported that Carr has no plans to extend the February 15 salary guarantee deadline. There’s another possibility for the Raiders to consider: Carr will need time to talk to his potential new coach and coordinator before the deal closes, so he could decide to set an earlier deadline of February 8 and cut Business talks if nothing is resolved by then.

Carr seems to hold all the cards, and the Raiders may have already decided to move on and lose their nine-year start to nothing rather than relinquish any control over the process.

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