Report: Dolphins ‘unexpected’ to go after Tom Brady

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Not long ago, we pointed out that signing with the Dolphins is “Certainly on the tableTo the soon-to-be free agent Tom Brady. The feeling may not be mutual.

More precisely, they are not “expected” to be mutual.’s Adam Schefter reported that the Dolphins “not expectedto go after Brady, should he decide to play in 2023. The Dolphins are “committed,” Schefter adds, citing unnamed sources. Toa Tagovailoa.

It’s unclear why Schefter had to deliberate with unnamed sources to suggest the Dolphins are committed to Tua. Coach and general manager He said it publicly. (As Shifter mentioned 2 weeks ago that Toa is “is expectedTo be the initiator in 2023. As Sienna told Costanza,I heard you the first time. “)

As we said in response to the supportive comments for Tua from the team, Actions speak louder than words. If they are really committed, choose the fifth year option. Or sign him to a long-term deal. Until one of these things happens, a commitment isn’t worth the paper it’s not printed on.

Five weeks after his last concussion, Toa still not calculated to play flag football, frolf, or whatever else the NFL plans to do this week in Las Vegas instead of touchdowns with two hands in full pads. This seems to be the most important news regarding Tua. How can they really stick to it so they know when/if it will be allowed to practice and play?

And while GM Chris Grier has pushed the idea that Tua is, too Not more likely than anyone else To have another concussion, the issue is not whether or not he will have another concussion. It’s whether his next concussion will be the one that keeps him from pulling it off again. Also, given his lack of size (relative to other quarterbacks), the question is whether he can protect himself from falling to the ground and hitting his helmet on the turf. This is how each of his two (or three) concussions in 2022 suffered.

Schefter’s safe harbor – “unexpected” – flows from the very real possibility that the Dolphins have decided to express a clear commitment to Tua up until the moment they decide to cancel said commitment. Given the potential reach Deshaun Watson Tua was left in a turmoil for the entire first half of 2021, and the Dolphins don’t want him to think that they might be moving away from him, until they decide to move on from him.

This is what happens sometimes in the NFL. The team says it definitely wants a player so stop it. And when that happens, the team is rarely dragged in search of messages it has previously posted.

Especially when the message deliberately contains wiggle room, as in the case of the current message.

It makes sense to leave room for maneuver. What happens if Brady communicates with the Dolphins and expresses interest in playing with the Dolphins? Will they say no? They lost a first-round pick last year to Brady Row and coach Sean Payton when they were both under contract to other teams.

This is another reason for the Dolphins to get out the word that they are not expected to go after Brady. We all know that pursuits happen before free agency even begins. Brady Already trying to throw protective dirt On the inevitable paths of absurdity. The last thing the Dolphins want or need is to give up another first-round pick to talk to Brady before they’re allowed to.

So, sure, they’re “not expected” to go after Brady. If/when Brady goes after them, that could be an entirely different story.

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