Street Fighter 5 pro shows how NVIDIA’s new goddamn eye contact AI is during a live stream and please stop it

NVIDIA scientists have been so preoccupied with whether they could, they haven’t stopped to think about whether they should…

NVIDIA recently revealed some new technologies that use artificial intelligence to make it appear as if those on the camera are making eye contact even when they aren’t. Added in a recent update to NVIDIA’s Broadcast app, this new camera feature can manipulate live feeds to make it look like the creator is constantly interacting with the audience.

While one of the uses the company has pointed out is for the presenter to read off-screen text and maintain eye contact the entire time – which actually seems to be quite useful – some gamers are finding that the new software can actually be incredibly cursed as well. . Street Fighter 5 Professional gamer and content creator Brian F I recently took new AI eye-contact technology for a spin while livestreaming, and is it really scary (and kind of fun, too).

Brian starts to tweak and tinker with the software to see how accurate things are. Turns out the technology looks pretty good because it tracks his eyes and shows them looking back toward the camera during head rotation and movement even though the player isn’t actually doing so.

Things are starting to turn scary, however, when Brian gets into a match and can be seen focusing on the match, but all the while starting straight at us. By Brian’s own admission, he’s holding back from looking at the preview in OBS because he doesn’t want to see himself because it’s so creepy.

In the brief Twitter clip he shared, Brian turned the phone call up the couple’s other cracks by incorporating an intense grin into this playful cocktail. The image you see in the banner is not the operator looking at the camera and smiling, oh no. It is indeed a result of NVIDIA’s new technology.

“I love Street Fighter 5 ranked,” Brian says as he looks (but not really) at the camera and continues to smile without breaking his stride. His reaction almost seems like that of someone being told to smile and look at the camera, but he actually doesn’t want to be there – which is pretty funny, in all honesty.

The new software appears to be in beta, but it already seems to work quite well. It’s certainly an interesting prospect, but sheesh… I can only imagine the other kinds of nightmare fuel cuts we can expect to see as NVIDIA improves it.

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