Super Bowl 2023: Five bold early predictions for Chiefs vs. Eagles, including a surprise MVP candidate

Super Bowl LVII is officially set, eg Kansas City Chiefs And Philadelphia Eagles You will face on February 12th with NFL Glory is at stake. Both teams have separated themselves as the best in the league, and there are a lot of interesting subplots that come with this matchup.

This will be the first power Where two brothers will face each other, with the end of the Court of Chiefs Travis Kelsey Eagles Center Jason Kelsey. This is also the first Super Bowl to feature two black quarterbacks. Andy Reid will become the fifth head coach against his former team in the Super Bowl, which hasn’t happened since 2014.

What will this match lead to? Will the season end with more Patrick Mahomes Championships, or will the Eagles’ rushing attack rule the day? Below, we’ll break down five bold early predictions for Super Bowl LVII.

Mahomes has been sacked five times after the highest level

The Eagles and Chiefs ranked 1-2 in sacks during the regular season, with Philly recording 70 quarterback finishes, and Kansas City recording 55. This is the third Super Bowl between the two top teams in sacks, and the first Super Bowl between teams that record 55 sacks At least during the regular season. Our bold prediction is that Mahomes has been sacked five times — which would be a postseason high.

Mahomes has been sacked five times only once, in 2018 vs Arizona Cardinals. In his Super Bowl debut vs San Francisco 49ersMahomes was sacked four times. against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers In Super Bowl LV—where he had a devastating offensive streak—Mahomes was sacked three times.

Teams have taken different approaches to defending Mahomes. Some tried to attack him, while others sat with two high peaces. Mahomes has had success against both. Either way, the Eagles are ranked first in the passing rushing category this season, per PFF. Philadelphia will build on its strengths in the biggest game of the year.

Travis Kelsey throws a touchdown

It was the Chiefs’ star tight end Definitely on one After winning the Asian Football Confederation Championship on Cincinnati Bengals. “Burrowhead, my ass!” Our expectation is that Kielce will fall Tony Cadarius In the red — a little “special” against Philly, if you will. Kelce is a versatile red zone threat who can find gaps in area coverage or take a shovel pass straight down the middle to get the score. Expect something innovative from Coach Reid in the red at Super Bowl LVII.

Kelsey attempted just one career pass in the playoffs. That attempt went for a 2-yard touchdown against Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jalen Hurtz sets a Super Bowl record

This may be our least daring, since Hurts seems poised to break one Super Bowl record in particular. The great Steve McNair owns the Super Bowl record for most rushing yards by a quarterback, as he rushed for 64 yards in Super Bowl XXXIV. Hurts hasn’t reached 64 rushing yards since Week 14, but we’d say he did reach 65 rushing yards in Super Bowl LVII.

The Hurts averaged 50.7 rushing yards per game this season, just a tad short of the 52.3 rushing yards he averaged in 2021. His 760 regular season rushing yards ranked second among quarterbacks to reach the Super Bowl behind them. Russell Wilson in 2014.

CJ Gardner-Johnson presents the Super Bowl MVP case

The versatile defensive back will play a huge role in the Super Bowl. Sir Duce should have a role in helping defend Kielce in the passing game and also as a Blitzer. The former Saint has only recorded four sacks in his career, but he’s the type to force a turnaround one way or another. We’ve seen it against New York Giants in the divisional round, where he pressed on Daniel Jones The quarterback was forced to throw an interception James Bradbury. In the Super Bowl, Gardner-Johnson would record 1.5 sacks and an interception that would put him in the Super Bowl MVP conversation.

The Under hits despite going into overtime

The Chiefs led the AFC in points scored per game this season with 29.2, while the Eagles led the NFC in points scored per game with 28.1. This is the seventh Super Bowl game among the highest scoring offenses from each conference. Interestingly, both teams scored exactly 546 points this year, including the playoffs. Our bold prediction is that the Chiefs and Eagles will score the same amount of points in regulation on February 12th, forcing the game into overtime.

This will be the second Super Bowl to go to overtime—the first, of course, being Super Bowl LI, in which he appeared Atlanta Falcons blowing 28-3 lead. While Philly and Kansas City will have extra time to score more points, that won’t help those with The Over tickets. Under would hit in this game, the final score being 23-20, Eagles.

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