Taylor Swift shares catchy ‘Lavender Haze’ music video

Taylor Swift in Lavender Haze
screenshot: Taylor Swift / YouTube

In the “Anti-Hero” music videoAnd Taylor Swift She taunted her fans for looking for Easter eggs everywhere (and herself for leaving them). In the “jeweled” VideoThey crammed every scene full of them. The new “Lavender Haze” video falls somewhere in the middle, often found behind a purple smokescreen in one of her most seductive looks yet.

The Lavender Haze video is out now. There’s a lot of lavender. There’s a lot of haze. There’s my amazing partner [Laith Ashley] who I absolutely loved working with.” Swift Shark on social media at the time of the video’s release. “This was the first video I wrote out of the three that were released, and this video really helped me visualize a world and a mood. midnightLike a fever dream in the sleepless, sultry seventies. I hope you like it.”

Taylor Swift – Lavender Haze (Official Music Video)

The video features some classic Swiftian visual metaphor (a literal gray cloud hanging over her head as she sings about how her lover doesn’t “really read into my grief”). A cloud of lavender smoke billows in the shape of a clock striking midnight; She is bathing seductively in the lavender pond. She enjoys her cosmic love bubble while partygoers chatter and dance around her.

A certain subset of fans will, to an extent, point out that lavender has been around for a long time Association with anomaliesdespite her co-starring cast, this video has far fewer nods to the LGBTQ+ community than the richness that was”You need to calm down. (Swift previously said Term raised “Lavender Haze” from mad men.) Other fans are watching for the signs Speak now (Taylor version) Being the next version of Swift. For example, a koi fish sliding through space might refer to a I played the guitar On the talk now Tour, and even the color purple is associated with her third album.

More than anything else, the easter eggs in this video refer to a midnight album Itself. There is a stick of incense forMaroon“and a vinyl record emblazoned with”Mastermind(The constellations on the cover correspond to Sagittarius and Pisces, obviously the star signs for Swift and longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn.) A weather report might be an accurate reference to “Midnight rain‘, as the video love interest appears as a TV meteorologist recalls the song ‘Karma is the man on the screen and right back to me’ from ‘generosity. “

It’s the continuation of Swift’s work becoming a closed loop wherein everything is a reference to itself. Though for an artist whose visuals tend towards romance and whimsy, “sultry” is indeed a departure from the norm. Perhaps a new evolution of Taylor Swift is on the horizon.

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