The released infinite ammo cheat for Dead Space gives you an unlimited number of nodes

the dead space remake Is that true It tends to scarcity and despondency. As we said beforeYou’ll spend most of the game low on health, running out of ammo, and just hoping to make it to the next save point before things go wrong.

sure you can Knock down difficulty To get more damage per shot, or you can tinker with the system with cheats or exploits. the dead space The remake has only been released for a few days, but gamers have already figured out exactly how to do it. This was exploitation Explained by u/Mrthrowawaymcgee on Reddit.

The following is a file dead space Infinite Ammo Exploitation Guide that will walk you through everything you need to know about using your Pulse Rifle to get free ammo in a bench – free ammo that you can sell to buy the most ammo and health, or many to upgrade Contract as you like.

What you need before you can exploit the vulnerability

First, you cannot use this exploit from the start of the game. You will need to play around a bit to get:

  • pulse gun. You will find the Pulse Rifle when you reach Flight Deck tram stop in Control of cargo hangars and trams During Chapter 1 “Newcomers”. We’ll explain why this exploit only works with the Pulse Rifle below.
  • Few part of four nodes Preferably Seven knots (and 13 max) to put in the pulse rifle at a seat. These can be hardware that you haven’t installed yet, or you can steal it from other equipment. You’ll start making a very small profit with just four nodes, but it will speed up the process a lot with each additional node you have to work with.
  • If you’ve already upgraded your Pulse Rifle a bit, you’ll also need at least one 5000 credit hours To bring back Pulse Rifle upgrades.

How to reset upgrades in Dead Space edition

Reset all bench promotions.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Whenever you find a file seatYou can upgrade your weapons or suit by installing any of them Contract I found that gear in the upgrade tree. If, for any reason, you want to reset your progress through the upgrade tree, you can click Square / X To spend 5000 credits and uninstall all contract upgrades for this weapon (you can restore the contract). You’ll need to spend 5,000 credits on each weapon if you’re looking to reset your multipliers to get more nodes back.

Best place to use the loophole

Exploiting free ammo will be easier (and more time efficient) somewhere with a shop and bench close by.

Dead Space Isaac looking at Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control's Flight Deck tram stop map

suitable site to perform this exploit.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

There is a good place early Chapter 1 “Newcomers”. After replacing the streetcar and installing the dashboard, you will open the Flight Deck tram stop in Control of cargo hangars and trams. There is a shop as you walk into the tram stop and a bench across to medicine The door is at the far end.

There is also a good one near the beginning Chapter Seven “Into the Void” In the RIG room.

Upgrade the gun’s ability to refill the clip

The way this exploit works is to upgrade any weapon Eligibility With node in seat Section packs. Think of it like how leveling up an RPG character (in some games) restores health. (This is also a generally good way to get a few extra bullets in a pinch.)

This just becomes an exploit if you can somehow sell that free ammo, which is why…

The pulse gun only works

Dead Space uses Isaac's R1 to retrieve ammo from a nearby mine.

Retrieve ammo from a rough mine with R1.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Pulse Rifle Alternate Fire – Hits R1 instead of R2 to shoot – Plants a Proximity mine It costs you 25 bullets. However, if the mine doesn’t explode, you can pick it up by hitting R1 again to restore ammo in your inventory. If you don’t reload the Pulse Rifle, it will remain in your inventory in a pack that can be easily sold.

exploitation steps

Now that you understand why and how this exploit works, let’s talk about the actual steps you’ll need to go through. To get started, stand next to a bench, and:

  1. Plant as many Proximity Mines as you have ammo (without reloading) and convert it back into ammo with R1. It’s fine to leave that ammo on the floor.
  2. Head to the bench and Reset everyone The nodes on the Pulse Rifle (if you upgrade them at all). Upgrade your first node – it’s just a capacity increase – to refill your segment.
  3. Turn that clip of free ammo into Proximity Mines and turn it back into collectible ammo (you can also leave it on the ground).
  4. Go to the Bench and upgrade to the next capacity slot, and refill your clip again.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you run out of capacity upgrades (or nodes).
  6. If you have the cash on hand, reset all nodes again and repeat the process.
  7. When you run out of money to reset, pick up all your free ammo and take it back to the shop. Sell ​​them all.
  8. Lather, rinse, and repeat to your heart’s content.

Dead Space Isaac with an inventory full of Pulse Rifle ammo

Each stack of 100 Pulse Rifle Ammo equals 2,500 Credits.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Going from zero bullets, sprinting through the Pulse Rifle’s five default capacity upgrades (requires seven nodes), then selling free ammo will net you 8750 credit hours. Subtract the 5,000 credits you spent to reset the contract, and away you go 2,750 credit hours in profit.

Once you’ve built up a little bit of funding, you’ll have enough to reset your nodes a few times. This makes the process of returning to the store to sell your free bullets more efficient since you will have plenty of bullets. Each time you can reset all nodes, you will get an additional 2750 per flight.

How to get more exploits

Once you have a little cash, make a purchase Upgraded kinetic autoloader pulse rifle From the shop for 10,000 points. This opens two more holding capacity – They are next to each other. These increase your ability by a total of 20 shots.

Dead Space Isaac looks at a map of the bridge's electrical systems warehouse

Pulse gun upgrade location in the bridge.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

There’s also the easy-to-miss Pulse Rifle upgrade Chapter 4 “Impending Blur”. after you Brutal defeated In the The main lobby affiliate Bridge, head to the elevator closest to where Brute broke through the door. take it to role 3. You are looking for a file Storage of electrical systems Room a little eastward (east on your map – we realize there is no “east” in space).

Dead Space Isaac aims a plasma cutter at a fuse next to a locked door.

Release the fuse to open the door.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Head to the other side of the room where you will see a smashed corpse through the window. Pull the body out, then use it a movement To move the boxes by the door. shoot on fuse To the left of the door to open the room. Inside, there are a few lockers that require security level 3few creditsand the Pulse gun upgrade from PCSI custom magazine.

Tree dead space pulse gun upgrade

Pulse Rifle upgrade tree with each of the Pulse Rifle upgrades.
Image: Visceral Games/Electronic Arts via Polygon

This upgrade unlocks two more Eligibility Contract And opens the Special 2 (SP2) A node that “significantly increases your ammo capacity” – increasing your ammo capacity by 20 instead of just 10.

A quick note on that, though: SP2 doesn’t refill your clip when you unlock it – it only adds 20 bullets to your clip – so be sure to unlock it as soon as possible to make the most of the expanded capacity.

With both upgrades, 13 nodes will have a capacity of 160 points. And through the above process, you will get 950 free bullets. 23750 credit hours (or 18,750 gain) per reset all – a process that takes about five minutes.

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