“You don’t want to suck bad enough to have to get Ja’Marr Chase”

after two days Early confirmed final exit on hand Cincinnati Bengalsthe wound is still fresh in Buffalo.

Just ask Brandon Bean.

the Buffalo bills The general manager spoke with reporters Tuesday at his end-of-season press conference following Buffalo’s 27-10 loss. He was asked if Buffalo should “adapt to” Cincinnati’s roster building plan that allowed them to build a strong receiving corps. His response included a not-so-subtle take on the franchise he just beat:

“They have a good team,” said Bean. “They’re now benefiting from a rookie quarterback contract. They’ve had some lean years, without having to get much in their build.

“I don’t want to suck bad enough to have to get Ja’Marr Chase. He’s talented. I’d love to have him. But you have to go through some lean years to do it.”

Beane’s point is clear even if expressed with a large pinch of salt. The Bengals built their roster with a distinct playing edge Joe Burrow on his junior contract that pays him $36.1 million over four years before he inevitably exercises his fifth-year option in 2024 or signs him to an extension that would increase his salary.

The Bengals have found the best winning formula in the NFL

A rookie quarterback who excels early in his career is the NFL’s fast track. Having a quarterback at the Pro Bowl level at a discount in a fixed-salary league allows spending elsewhere and opens a major window for success. the Seattle Seahawks He won the Super Bowl with Russell Wilson On his contract with the rookie while using his cover space to build a great historic defense. the Kansas City Chiefs Likewise won the Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes on his rookie contract before signing it A 10-year, $450 million deal.

Brandon Bean is facing a severe challenge this season. (Mark Konizny/Reuters)

The Bills were in a similar situation with Allen before he played with an option worth $23.1 million this season. The first year will start A $258 million contract extension for six years next season. The Bills’ window to build around Allen on the cheap is over. It seems that Ben wants to make that clear Buffalo’s roster building is under fire a short season ago.

Bills have stark needs

The Bills have been outplayed on both sides of the line of scrimmage by the Bengals, and the limitations on their receiving talents are beyond All-Pro Stephen Diggs It was on full display as the Bills failed to score a through-the-air touchdown on Sunday. Obviously they could use promotions in the trenches and in positions of skill, hence the question of Cincinnati’s superior receiving corps having the advantage of Chase, T Higgins And Tyler Boyd.

And yes, it’s true that the Bengals had to “suck” in order to get the draft picks that secured Burrow first overall in the 2020 draft and the Chase fifth overall a year later. Now both of those players are in rookie deals giving the franchise away to their second straight Super Bowl.

Could the Bills improve with cap restrictions, low draft picks?

The Bills, of course, had a similar window during Allen’s rookie contract from 2018-21. They have had success, though not to the same level as Bengal, who have now overtaken them in the AFC striker rank ahead of schedule. First or Fifth Bills generally won’t be picked any time soon, which means they’ll have to get creative to get their desired roster upgrades.

Bean said so himself while showing the Buffalo cap where the roster is currently being built around $240 million for 2023. The NFL’s salary cap for next season to come below this figure.

“There will be no signing with Von Miller,” Bean said, according to Buffalo News. “…we’re going to be creative. We’re going to try and win. It’s up to me to find out. We’ve got to squeeze draft picks, and we’ve got to find low-paying free agents who can find roles, whether it’s a primary backup, a solid starter, whatever it is.”

So the Bills will have to play the draft cards well. While it’s beneficial to have a major pick, it’s the talent that makes all the difference beyond the top 10 draft picks. He found the Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson 22nd overall in the 2020 draft – a pick they got from the Bills in the trade that sent Stefon Diggs to Buffalo. The Bengals selected Tee Higgins with the first pick in the second round of the same draft.

Invoices He would pick No. 27 overall In April, selection will be subject to close scrutiny. With the Bills window right now, they’ll be hard pressed to find a player who can make an immediate impact, both in the trenches and at receiver.

They’ll do so because they’re looking to keep up with the Chiefs and the Bengals, who don’t plan on sucking up again anytime soon.

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